Bathing of the Buddha 浴佛

The Origins of Bathing the Buddha

One of the main activities of the festival is the “bathing Buddha” ritual. Legend records that when Prince Siddhartha was born, there were extraordinary and auspicious signs heralding his birth.

They describe the sky as being clear with brilliant sunshine, flowers blooming and birds singing. Dragons also appeared in the sky spurting two streams of purified water (one cool and one warm), that gently cascaded down to bathe him.

At his birth, seven lotus flowers sprung up beneath his feet as he walked – pointing one hand to the sky and ground he said “in the heaven above and the earth below, I vow to liberate all who suffer in these three realms”.

Since then, Buddhists all over the world celebrate the Buddha’s birthday by using fragrant water to bathe the image of baby Prince Siddhartha. This ritual highlights a universal message of “Let’s cleanse our inner dirt’ of greed, hatred and ignorance so as to allow the generosity, love and wisdom within us to shine forth!”

Proper Way of Bathing the Buddha

Fill ladle & pour water over small Buddha statue three times. While pouring water, recite:
Reverently I hereby bathe the blessed Tathagathas
With magnificent wisdom and merits vast as the ocean
May all beings with the Five Impurities be purified
And attain the Tathagatha’s Dharma body (Teachings)


Benefits of Bathing the Buddha

“Noble son, the consequence of performing this bathing of the Buddha image is that you and the great multitude of men and gods will presently receive wealth, happiness, and long life without sickness; your every wish will be fulfilled. Your relatives, friends, and family will all be at ease. You will bid a long farewell to the eight conditions of trouble and forever escape the fount of suffering. You will never again receive the body of a woman and will quickly achieve enlightenment.”

– The Sutra On The Merit Of Bathing The Buddha



两千五百多年前的印度迦毗罗卫国王后摩耶夫人,怀着身孕经过蓝毗尼花园的无忧树下时,生下了悉达多太子,也就是后来拯救众生的伟大佛陀。依据经典说,太子一诞生就能向四方各行七步,每行一步,地上就现出一朵大莲花托着他的脚,并一手指天一手指地说:“天上天下,唯我独尊” 意思是说:「我乃是宇宙最尊贵的觉者,我将广度一切沉沦生死的众生。」也道出对每一个个体的尊重与独特性的肯定。同时有天女散花,空中飘荡美妙的天乐,上空有九条龙吐水为太子沐浴;一切人与诸天无不欢喜和赞叹无上正等正觉的圣人到来。

每年佛陀日的浴佛就是与以上典故有关。浴佛,一来是缅怀佛陀,二来是藉这活动唤醒大众洗尽五欲尘劳,去除贪、瞋、痴等污秽,使身行、语言和心意都能趋向清净; 祈愿社会祥和; 求福增慧,了生脱死,成就佛道。

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